Thursday, January 24, 2008

Good Ole Husky Days

I will never forget my mother telling me in 5th grade that if I didn't stop eating so much I would have to wear "husky" jeans. I remember tears streaming down my face as I thought of those "husky" jeans! Why in the world would someone name jeans for chubby kids, "husky"? Why couldn't they think of something like, "just the right size", or "a little better than average"? Of course, my Mom's prediction became a reality within the next few years.
I was officially wearing "husky" jeans when my brothers asked me to reenact the scene from the 80's movie, The Goonies. You know the scene...before "Chunk" could come in the house, his friends made him do the truffle shuffle. (Basically shaking and wiggling all the chub on his belly that would jiggle) I must admit that I could really do the truffle shuffle. I think it might be one of my gifts! It wasn't long before my nickname became anywhere from Chunk to Chubby to Fatty Mcgee. My favorite was probably Fluffy! I can still hear the wonderful encouragement , "Jeremiah, you're not fat, you're just fluffy!" Those were the good old days...
Isn't it amazing how easy it is to struggle with your weight? I joined a gym in high school and lost my chub, but it always seemed to find me again no matter where I was. Last year I decided to join the Greenville Shrinkdown to lose weight. In six weeks time I lost over 20 pounds and help push our office into 2nd place for the group competition. I was so happy about winning that I made a special trip to Krispy Kreme. Unfortunately, that trip led me to McDonald's, which led me to Taco Bell for some apple emapanadas, which led me back to the rest of my favorite fast food restaurants. Before I knew it, I went from fluff to buff, and then back to fluff again! What a vicious, yet delicious cycle! Why does food have to be so good?
Well, another year has come and gone and I decided to do the Shrinkdown again, which is now called "Activate Upstate". To my dismay, I found out at the weigh-in that I had gained all but 2 pounds back! Maybe the new name of the weight loss program will help it stick this year! I never thought I would say this, but I want to be the biggest loser in 2008! I want to say goodbye to husky, and hello again to healthy...will you join me?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

"A Little Bundle of Madelynn Joy"

Who would have thought that on August 18, 2007 God would have brought a little bundle of Madelynn Joy into mine and Kelli's lives? Every time she smiles, she lights up the room. Her joyful presence reminds me of our wonderful God who has richly blessed us.

Madelynn, Kelli, and I brought in the New Year at Myrtle Beach with Kelli's family this year. Madelynn's toes touched the ocean for the first time, and I really think that she is going to be a champion body surfer like her daddy one day! She also saw her first firework show at Broadway at The Beach. She just stared at the sky in innocent amazement.
I never imagined I could love a little precious life as much as I love my beautiful baby girl. I am excited to see all God has in store for her...