Monday, May 12, 2008

Go-Go-Gadget Arms

It is hard to believe that our sweet baby girl is already crawling, pulling up on things to stand, and getting into anything and everything she can reach or grab. Wow, do babies grow up fast! Madelynn Joy is the fastest crawler I have ever seen. You can blink and she is already across the room. She also has what I call a "Go-Go-Gadget reach". This little girl can reach just about anything if she twists her body a certain way. Kelli and I are really gonna have to child-proof the house soon. For example, Kelli found Madelynn behind the TV a couple days ago! It seems like she stays under our coffee table, or most recently, stands holding the side of it grabbing everything she can reach. How do you help but smile when you see her sweet expression as she has accomplished reaching everything on the coffee table?
Last night, I took Kelli out to dinner for Mother's Day. We took the first available seating and were blessed after a few minutes to be seated in a booth. The only problem was that they do not allow high chairs beside the booth for traffic reasons, so Maddie Joy had to sit in her first booster seat. We barely secured her little body, but we successfully made it through dinner with no major spills or catastrophes. Until...I was holding her in the booth as Kelli was getting her things ready to leave...and happened...Madelynn's Go-Go-gadget arms reached past me and grabbed my 3/4 full cup of coffee and spilled it all over us! It was not scolding hot, but it was pretty warm as it soaked my left leg, the bottom of my shirt, the table, and of course, Madelynn's left leg and tennis shoe. Thankfully, we were not burned! It was a little embarrassing walking out of a nice restaurant soaked with coffee, but I was still a proud Daddy carrying my baby girl with the same leg also soaked with the same coffee.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Oh brother, can I still get most of the attention???

It's true! Sweet Madelynn Joy is going to have to share some of her attention with her little Brother, Nehemiah Taylor. We found out that we are officially having a boy this past Thursday. Praise God! I do think that Madelynn is going to have a difficult time sharing her spotlight. She loves attention and gets it wherever she goes. If it is not her sweet contagious smile, it is her loud boisterous voice. She never meets a stranger! I cannot believe how blessed I am! Now, I have a "little Miah" who will be here in September.
Kelli and I have talked about names for a boy now for a couple of years, and we decided against having a Jeremiah Taylor Oliver II or a Jeremiah Taylor Oliver Jr. So, we opted for Nehemiah Taylor! Our sweet boy has a strong Bible name and still carries his dad's middle and last name. I still can't believe it...a girl and a boy 13 months apart in age. The love that Kelli and I have for our children is already overflowing! God is good.