Thursday, March 27, 2008

From Sitting Up to Saying, "Dadda"

Isn't it amazing how quickly babies learn and grow? I am truly wowed by Madelynn's continual advancements. She just turned 7 months old on March 18th, and she already sits-up, rolls over, and can say, "Momma and Dadda". I have to humbly admit that she did say "Momma" first, but as of this past Monday she has added "Dadda" to her sweet little vocabulary. I think that it is safe to say that our little girl just might be a surgeon or maybe a lawyer someday. Her dexterity is very above average and her speech is ever improving! Did I mention she is only 7 months old? How did I ever deserve the privilege of raising this sweet little blessing?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Blessing of the Pacifier

What is it about a pacifier that is soo tasty to a baby? Madelynn Joy loves her gucky! (AKA passie, wubby, or a please stop crying and put this in your mouth-ifier) There is no denying that a baby looks cute with a pacifier, but what is it's real purpose? To get technical, the root word of pacifier is pacify, which means "to soothe, calm, or make peaceful". I must admit that this little piece of plastic and rubber has the ability to do just that! The only problem is when the baby looses it, or you take it out for a minute to once again see your sweet baby's smile, it then turns into a "see how loud I can scream, or an upset the baby by taking it out-ifier".
Isn't it amazing that we can become dependent on things at such a young age! When I was little, my very best friend was the thumb on my right hand. Not only would my thumb calm me, but I remember it being a tasty recreation when I was bored! I will never forget my mom promising me a whole pack of chewing gum if I stopped sucking my thumb. Knowing that my second best friend was chewing gum, I remember willingly taking my thumb out of my mouth the night my mom made this promise. Besides a couple relapses, that was the end to my close friendship with my right thumb. I do occasionally still look down at my thumb and wonder if the pack of gum was really worth it, but I guess all good things must come to an end! Maybe Madelynn will stop using her pacifier when her mommy offers her a little something as a reward for stopping. Until then, I guess Kelli and I will enjoy the blessing of the little piece of plastic and rubber that soothes and calms our sweet baby girl.