Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Another Year, Another Opportunity

God's mercies are new every morning! Aren't you thankful that our merciful God blesses us with a new year as well? 2008 was definitely a good year, but I am convinced that 2009 is going to the best the Oliver's have experienced yet! I am not going give you a long unrealistic list of New Year's resolutions, but please note that I want to learn and grow closer to my Lord this year than I ever have before.

I often say that "Life is a Lesson". I do not want to excuse my mistakes in '08 as if they did not happen. Instead, I want to learn from them. I was convicted after the message Sunday morning of my disguised "laziness". I have always dismissed this weakness as nothing more than procrastination. Did you know that procrastination is "rooted" in laziness? Please forgive me if my laziness (procrastination) has ever hurt, upset, or disappointed you. I have genuinely asked the Lord to teach me how to overcome this weakness. I know this is going to be a difficult journey, but my God is faithful and His grace is sufficient!

I am so thankful that with another year I have another opportunity to learn and grow. "Each missed opportunity should be a reminder to listen to God, and learn to do as He says." Are you listening? I know that I am no longer going to wait until tomorrow, to do as He says to do today, which is the justification for a procrastinator. I don't want to be lazy anymore in my obedience to the Lord. Are you waiting until tomorrow too? Or are you listening today? He is always teaching, so let's take advantage of another year and another opportunity to listen and learn from our King!

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Great post, Jeremiah. I tend to "procrastinate" myself and it is a bad habit to get into and a hard one to break. Thanks for the reminder.